The Northern Lights Scandinavia

From winter adventure holidays and spectacular snow hotels to cruises and city breaks in Norway, our wide range of holidays to see the Northern Lights in Scandinavia has something for everyone. The breathtaking Northern Lights appear between October and the end of March and are most likely to be seen during a new moon, in a location that is away from light pollution. All of our Northern Lights holidays are based in regions that offer you a chance of seeing the natural phenomena, although there is no way of predicting when they will appear. Many of our holidays have optional Northern Lights excursions, such as evening snowmobile and husky sledding safaris, which take you into the wilderness where the phenomena may appear more vividly. Browse our wide range of holidays to discover more about seeing the Northern Lights in Scandinavia.

All of our holidays to see the Aurora Borealis in Scandinavia are based in locations that have a wide variety of activities to enjoy during the days of your break as well as the evenings. Discover the many sights of the fascinating medieval settlements that line Norway's coastline on a Northern Lights cruise or admire the spectacular sculptures inside the original ICEHOTEL® in Sweden, the choice is yours. Evenings can be spent enjoying activities or enjoying a drink whilst keeping an eye to the sky for appearances of the mystical Aurora Borealis. The natural phenomena can illuminate the sky in flashing arcs of green, blue and yellow light. Please call our travel advisors for more information on seeing the Northern Lights in Scandinavia.

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