Holidays to See the Aurora Borealis in October

When we plan our holidays to see the Northern Lights in October we aim to blend modern comforts with the thrill of seeking this ancient phenomenon.   There are many ways you can get in touch with us about our holidays to see the Northern Lights in October, including phone, email and call-back.

Northern Lights
See the Mesmerising Aurora Borealis
Striking colours of blue, green and pink billow across the azure skies as spectators watch in anticipation. The Aurora Borealis are renowned for their colourful majesty, which is why explorers from all over the world traverse across arctic territory to witness them.
Northern Lights Holidays

Aurora Borealis Holidays
Holidays to see the Aurora Borealis
The dark skies of the Scandinavian wilderness, unpolluted by artificial light, offer the optimum viewing conditions for a chance to witness the enchanting Aurora Borealis. Choose from a selection of adventure holidays in countries such as Norway, Iceland and Finland for an unforgettable holiday experience.
Aurora Borealis Holidays

The aurorae are a force of nature and are impossible to predict however we do make every effort to select holidays to see the Northern Lights in October which maximise the chances of a sighting. For more information on holidays that include the Northern Lights, or other winter holidays, please contact our experienced travel advisors onthe number above.

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