Trips to see the Northern Lights

The Mighty Fine Company offers a diverse range of cruises, tours and adventure holidays which are suitable for travellers of all ages and abilities. If you have ever wanted to sledge across snow covered landscapes or snowmobile under wintry skies, then one of our trips to see the Northern Lights can make your dreams become a reality. Amongst the myriad of holidays on offer, we ensure that you are guided to the optimal viewing locations to increase your chances of seeing the renowned Aurora Borealis. Billowing ribbons of green, pink and blue captivate those who are fortunate enough to witness their glory. Since ancient times, there has been great fascination surrounding the phenomena which led to the creation of numerous myths and legends, many of a spiritual nature.

Northern Lights
See the Mesmerising Aurora Borealis
Striking colours of blue, green and pink billow across the azure skies as spectators watch in anticipation. The Aurora Borealis are renowned for their colourful majesty, which is why explorers from all over the world traverse across arctic territory to witness them.
Northern Lights Holidays

Northern Lights Holidays
Aurora Borealis Holidays in Scandinavia
The Aurora Borealis are natural phenomena that can mostly be seen from Scandinavian countries such as Norway, Sweden and Iceland. Their enigmatic beauty has inspired many myths and folklore throughout the ages and many still believe that they have mystical powers.
Northern Lights Tours

If you are intrigued by the science behind the Northern Lights then you may want to take an astronomy voyage along Nordic coastlines and discover the history behind the natural wonder. There are night lectures given on the ship's deck which are hosted by a knowledgeable BBC broadcaster who will educate you on astronomy phenomena. However, if you would prefer to indulge in alternative activities on one of our trips to see the Northern Lights, then why not visit Santa in Lapland? Even without children this is a magical experience and you also have the option to sleep in a glass igloo and meet Santa's reindeer. For the more dynamic explorer there are a host of winter sports to participate in such as skiing, snow-tubing and snowshoe hiking. Browse through our unique holidays and start planning an exciting winter adventure.

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