Tours to the Northern Lights

The Mighty Fine Company offers a vast selection of trips, cruises and tours to see the legendary Aurora Borealis. On your quest to see the Northern Lights you will be guided above the Arctic Circle to some of the world's optimal Aurora spotting regions. Due to the northern locality of Scandinavia, tours to the Northern Lights can take you to countries such as Finland, Iceland, Sweden and Norway. Experience the beauty of dramatic coastlines and ice-capped mountains as you sail beneath heavenly wintry skies. Explore the remarkable architecture of towns and cities that are steeped in history and culture as you are welcomed by local friendly communities. Whichever holiday you choose, you will be overwhelmed by the many delights in store.

Northern Lights
See the Mesmerising Aurora Borealis
Striking colours of blue, green and pink billow across the azure skies as spectators watch in anticipation. The Aurora Borealis are renowned for their colourful majesty, which is why explorers from all over the world traverse across arctic territory to witness them.
Northern Lights Holidays

Northern Lights Lapland
Adventure Breaks in Finland, Norway, and Sweden
Our action-packed holidays include a wide variety of excursions such as dog sledding and snowmobiling. The highlight of our phenomenal winter holidays in Finnish Lapland however, is a night in a snow igloo where you can experience sleeping in Arctic conditions.
Northern Lights Lapland

Our tours to the Northern Lights are planned in great detail to ensure that each and every traveller can discover their perfect holiday. If you prefer a dynamic trip then there is a wide selection of optional excursions and activities to choose from. Skiing, snowmobiling and husky dog sledding are among some of the more energetic activities. However, if you enjoy life at a slower pace you may want to try your hand at ice fishing or relax under the stars in a glass igloo. For the budding celestial scientists there is also an astronomy voyage on which you will discover the myths behind the Aurora Borealis and learn of other interesting cosmology. The ICEHOTEL® in Sweden is the world's largest hotel made completely out of ice and snow and has become an extremely popular attraction for many who visit Lapland. These are just some of the unique and extraordinary experiences waiting to be discovered on our tours to the Northern Lights.

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