Northern Lights in Lapland

Stay at the unique Lapland Igloo Village at the Hotel Kakslauttanen for a chance to witness the mesmerising Aurora Borealis. The Northern Lights in Lapland make appearances in the night sky between the months of October and March, often leaving their audience awe-inspired. While at the resort you can indulge in a range of activities and relax in your comfortable surroundings when you are not outside enjoying the arctic scenery. At the hotel you will stay in a cosy log cabin with its own kitchenette, private garden area and sauna, so that you can warm up and relax after the day's activities. During your time in Lapland you may want to spend a night in a traditional snow igloo or a unique glass igloo. The glass igloos are heated and give you panoramic views of the Northern Lights in Lapland should they appear, whilst the snow igloos are great for enjoying a traditional arctic experience.

Lapland Igloo Village
Thrilling Winter Breaks
Witness the Northern Lights in Finland on an unforgettable holiday that is perfect for families, groups and couples. A wide selection of winter activities are available including dog sledding and snowmobiling.
Lapland Igloo Village

Northern Lights Lapland
Adventure Breaks in Finland, Norway, and Sweden
Our action-packed holidays include a wide variety of excursions such as dog sledding and snowmobiling. The highlight of our phenomenal winter holidays in Finnish Lapland however, is a night in a snow igloo where you can experience sleeping in Arctic conditions.
Northern Lights Lapland

The resort has a number of activities for you to engage in during your stay, from exhilarating husky safaris to the more peaceful snowshoe walking. Reindeer safaris, snowmobiling and skiing are some other pursuits you can try at the hotel, so that your time is filled with lots to do. After a day packed with fun you can enjoy some delicious Scandinavian meals in one of the hotel's restaurants. For another unique experience you may wish to eat in the snow restaurant where you will be served a three-course meal at glistening tables made entirely out of ice.

The Northern Lights in Lapland are a natural occurrence that dance across the sky in hues of green, blue and red during the winter. Due to the Lapland region in Finland being above the Arctic Circle you have a great chance of witnessing the phenomena should it appear. The scenery that surrounds the hotel and igloo village is spectacular in itself, with snow-covered ground and ice-capped trees making the destination look picture perfect. Browse our holidays to see the Northern Lights in Lapland for your perfect winter getaway.

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