Northern Lights Iceland

Known as the land of “Ice and Fire” Iceland's ever changing landscape of snow capped mountains, crystal glaciers and magnificent waterfalls is a truly untouched paradise. On our Northern Lights break in Iceland you will spend your days witnessing some of the phenomenal natural highlights of this lush island, then in the evenings you will there is the chance of seeing the mesmerising Northern Lights. Iceland is one of the best locations in the world for seeing the mesmerising Aurora Borealis due to its northerly location. Our unique city break includes evening Northern Lights safaris in a 4x4 Super Jeep which will take you further into the countryside of Iceland. The Northern Lights are will be more visible away from Reykjavik because you are away from artificial light.

Northern Lights in Norway
Holidays to See the Incredible Northern Lights
From the months of October to the end of March the mesmerising Aurora Borealis make sporadic appearances over the clear dark skies of Scandinavia, as well as Iceland and even Canada. A holiday to seek out this fantastic natural wonder is sure to leave you feeling inspired.
Northern Lights in Norway

The Northern Lights often illuminate Iceland's sky during the winter due to the island being located in the most active part of northern Aurora Oval - the Aurora Oval surrounds the North Pole and represents the areas where the Northern Lights occur the most and with the greatest intensity. The Northern Lights illuminate the sky an arcs or ribbons of red, yellow, green and blue. There are often referred to as Mother Nature's greatest light display.

The base of your Northern Lights holiday in Iceland will be the effervescent capital Reykjavík, which is also the northernmost capital in the world. This incredible metropolis boasts a vibrant nightlife which normally gets lively late at night and lasts well into the early hours of the morning. During your holiday you will also have the opportunity to explore the awe-inspiring landscape which surround's Reykjavik.

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