Hurtigruten Winter Cruises

Dramatic fjords covered in snow, cosy dark nights and the mesmerising phenomena of the Northern Lights make Hurtigruten cruises extremely popular. These incredible voyages take you up close to some of Norway's most impressive scenery whilst enjoying stops at fascinating cities and remote communities along the way. Without a doubt one of the most exciting aspects of our Hurtigruten winter cruises is the opportunity to see the Northern Lights, which dance across the night sky randomly during winter in shades of green, blue and red. This magnificent phenomena has fascinated people for thousands of years and today people are still charmed by its presence. Browse our Hurtigruten cruises for the chance to enjoy all the delights of winter in Norway.

Hurtigruten Winter cruises
Hurtigruten Winter cruises
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Hurtigruten Winter cruises

In the wintertime you can enjoy a number of pursuits along with your cruise, which can be reserved at the time of booking. Activities such as snowmobiling, dog sledding and visits to the Kirkenes Snow Hotel are popular during our Hurtigruten cruises, which enable guests to experience the very best of the snowy landscapes. There are also city tours available throughout the year that you can take part in during a winter cruise, such as sightseeing in the arctic capital Troms .

The comfort of your ship is sure to be welcomed during a winter cruise, where you can enjoy the dramatic scenery of the outdoors from the warmth of the panorama lounge. You can also relax with a drink in the bar and indulge in the delicious fresh food served up in the restaurant. Some ships also have sauna facilities for you to warm up after a day's activities on land. Find out what is included in each of our Hurtigruten winter cruises by reading the individual descriptions or call our travel advisors.

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