Hurtigruten Arctic Cruises

Sail to exquisite destinations which are set amongst awe-inspiring scenery on a wonderful voyage of discovery across Scandinavian waters. Hurtigruten Arctic cruises steer you through dramatic landscapes which are dominated by mighty glaciers, snow-dusted peaks and majestic fjords. Hurtigruten cruises ensure that not only will you witness wonderful landscapes but you will also have the opportunity to spot fantastic wildlife in its natural habitat. Magnificent species such as puffins, polar bears and whales are all indigenous to Arctic regions and you may be fortunate to catch sight of them along the coastline during a Hurtigruten Arctic cruise. Enjoy a variety of fascinating excursions which guide you to the main cultural and historical sights of each destination. Participate in guided tours of charming towns and ports or experience the thrill of riding over frozen terrain on an exhilarating snowmobile safari.

Hurtigruten Arctic Cruises
Experience the wonders of an arctic cruise
Amazing Arctic cruises around Norway and Spitzbergen
Hurtigruten Arctic Cruises

Hurtigruten cruises organise spectacular Aurora spotting activities which allow you to travel to optimal vantage points to see the breathtaking Northern Lights. These wondrous phenomena are more likely to be seen during the winter months on a clear cloudless night away from the glare of artificial lights. Billowing wisps of blue, pink and green decorate the dark skies and create an enchanting glow across the idyllic landscape. If you wish to book Hurtigruten Arctic cruises during the summer months, you can bathe in the rays of the Midnight Sun which continues to shine continuously for 24 hours.

Hurtigruten ships are extremely comfortable and spacious, and the panoramic lounges let you admire the remarkable vistas. If you prefer to be closer to nature, the observation deck is a great way of experiencing Arctic surroundings where you will have many opportunities to photograph unparalleled views.

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