Huritgruten Voyages

Explore the enchanting glacial landscapes of the Arctic and journey to some of the world's most spectacular locations. Sail through glorious waters on a Hurtigruten voyage along the coast of Norway and witness stunning wildlife. View arctic foxes, seals and walruses in their natural habitat as you journey to Spitsbergen. Visit Viking villages and tour historical towns with one of our spectacular Hurtigruten voyages. Visit Trondheim and marvel at its medieval architecture and cruise past the magnificent cliffs and refreshing vistas of the Norwegian coast. Stand upon the observation deck at night as you travel across the waters and look skyward in search of the luminescent colours of the Northern Lights. Whichever cruise attracts your interest, you will be certain to find a Hurtigruten voyage to satisfy all your holidaying needs.

Hurtigruten voyages offer you the opportunity to experience a unique holiday in a relaxing setting. Choose to take advantage of the facilities on the ships such as the restaurant and bar or opt to venture to new and interesting places with the optional excursions available. Bask in the majesty of the scenery and appreciate the landscapes from the comfort of the panoramic lounge or on deck. Sample local foods and savour delicious cuisine onboard ship or at the many towns and cities you visit on your holiday. You can embark on specialist Hurtigruten voyages, including a Northern Lights Astronomy Cruise which will take you to locations where these colourful phenomena are most likely to appear. This particular holiday provides lectures by renowned scientists who can inform you further of the history and scientific specifics of the Northern Lights. Huritgruten voyages exude informal comfort and take you on breathtaking tours of arctic locations.

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