Holidays to See the Northern Lights

Travel to Sweden, Iceland, Norway, Finland or even Canada; all these destinations are prime locations for viewing the mysteriously obscure Northern Lights. Their appearance may be fleeting, or you may be lucky enough to see an incredible light show that lasts for hours. However long the display might last, by travelling with us on one of our specially designed holidays you know you are getting the best chance to see this enchanting phenomena. Also known as the Aurora Borealis, the ribbons of light are a result of energy being released when solar wind particles collide with atoms in the Earth's upper atmosphere. Our holidays to see the Northern Lights are available at key times of the year when sightings are at their most frequent, between October and March. So wrap up warm and join us as we tilt our heads to the skies in the hope of seeing Mother Nature's most extraordinary light display.

Hurtigruten Northern Lights Cruises
Hurtigruten Northern Lights Cruises
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Hurtigruten Northern Lights Cruises

Northern Lights
See the Mesmerising Aurora Borealis
Striking colours of blue, green and pink billow across the azure skies as spectators watch in anticipation. The Aurora Borealis are renowned for their colourful majesty, which is why explorers from all over the world traverse across arctic territory to witness them.
Northern Lights Holidays

On a clear, cloudless night when the moon is new and the air is crisp, the Aurora Borealis are more likely to come out to play. Be dazzled by curtains of differing shades of green, intermingled with ribbons of reds, yellows and pristine whites as they dance together across the cold night sky. Our holidays to see the Northern Lights offer you the chance to experience the awe-inspiring sights, leaving you with everlasting memories to treasure for a lifetime. The Aurora are described by many as spellbinding, magical and eerie, a breathtaking spectacle that must be witnessed by everyone at least once in their existence. The phenomena have inspired many a work of art, many a myth and legend, and countless keen photographers looking to capture its true beauty on camera. Let the Aurora move you and humble you on one of our spectacular holidays to see the Northern Lights.

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